Alvaro Montano, CPA began his career working in different fields, among them, product sales businesses, service providers, financial institutions and companies dedicated to hospitality and tourism.

In 2008 he graduated with a bachelor’s in science from the state university in San Diego, SDSU and in 2010 he founded his accounting firm. In 2017 he was admitted to the State of California Bar of Certified Public Accountants, acquiring the designation of CPA. In 2021 he joined efforts with other professionals in the field and now leads what has become to be known as CHULA VISTA CPA. He has worked and still maintains valuable relationships with colleagues in the field, who have contributed and continue to contribute to his formation as an accountant.

His passion for the profession has led him to maintain dedication in pursuit of success in the field. For Alvaro, it is of utmost importance to provide an excellent service, to develop trustworthy and close relationships with those who hire his service

Alvaro Montano, CPA

Alfredo Barajas, CPA

Alfredo Barajas, CPA was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco. His father a musician by trade performed Mariachi music for decades. His loving mother dedicated all her life to the care of a family of nine.

He is a Graduate of the University of Southern California (USC). Upon his graduation in Los Angeles, Mr. Barajas moved back to San Diego to work with a Non-for-profit Social Service Organization as staff accountant. Subsequently he was hired to be trained as an Operations Supervisor for Security Pacific National Bank. While at the bank, Mr. Barajas performed fundraising for the COMBO Program (The Combined Arts of San Diego County) where he assisted in obtaining pledges for the Opera, Symphony, and Valet and the Arts in general). Eventually he became an Accounting Supervisor at the San Ysidro Health Center in charge of the supervision of the Accounting, Payroll and Accounts Payable functions.

He landed his first position in the first Chula Vista Hispanic CPA Firm in 1979. Since then, for 42 years Mr. Barajas has had exposure to the practical field of Accounting and Taxation. Out of these 42 years, Mr. Barajas has been Self Employed for 36 years. He has been a member of the California Society of CPA’s since November 2009.

One of the distinguishing attributes of Mr. Barajas is his communication abilities with all types of clients. He has the ability to convert into plain layman terms Intricate, complex tax and accounting rules and regulations. Understanding is of paramount importance when it comes the very important fact that: Accounting is the Basis for Sound Business Decisions.